FLITE in Oil and Gas

Petroleum infrastructure is exposed to the worst conditions and contaminants on earth. 

In the Emirates, the annual cost for the “war on rust” is over 14 billion, part of the 1.3 trillion dollar “rust fund” spent worldwide by the oil and gas industry. The Aramco Journal of Technology says that 36% of all maintenance costs are about rust. The $60B coating industry has not really solved these problems. Rust is still the cause of 50% of leaks. 

Our technique can be applied to protect the outside of pipelines from rust, and the inside against the buildup of biofilms and scaling. We can also apply the technique to critical sensors and actuators to prevent failure due to fouling and spattering. Finally, we can create a passive surface that can separate oil and water without consuming energy. These are just some of the many improvements we can offer to the oil and gas industry.