FLITE believes that these new surface engineering techniques can lead to safer products, a cleaner environment, and fantastic new future designs. We see a future where aircraft don’t need chemical deicing, where clean water flows easily through pipelines, ships sail the ocean without toxic paints, and medical devices operate safely in the body for decades. Many companies talk about the impact they have on society or the environment but FLITE believes that our techniques can deliver changes on a global scale.

Reason to choose us

If you’re a design engineer wondering how these textures can improve your product fundamentally

You’re an investor interested in making profits while protecting the planet

You’re interested in working with FLITE in engineering or business development

You have a military application and want to explore FLITE’s uses for defense capabilities

You have a surface treatment technology of your own and want to talk about commercializing with FLITE

You are responsible for operations and maintenance and are interested in changing the lifecycle of your products

You are running an event related to material sciences, innovation transfer, and want FLITE to talk about their story

You produce raw materials and want to know if these techniques can be applied



How We Can Help You

FLITE Makes a difference when our clients stop using toxic
and temporary coatings and start using FLITE’s technique to protect their products.

Dedicated & Professional

Meet Our Team

Director, International Partnerships

Atifur Khan

Mr. Khan is an experienced strategist, serial entrepreneur, and startup enthusiast with a

Dan Cohen


Dan Cohen

Dan Cohen is a senior executive with experience in both early stage ventures